Memes = Art? Yup.

I think memes are art, it gives someone a voice to express themselves and while some will be jokes, art is essentially subjective to people.

Case in point, this meme I created using King of the Hill character – Hank Hill 

The premise of King of the Hill, is to subvert the expectations of what middle America is like. I think the show is extremely relevant more so today than it was back when it last aired. Mainly because of the political element that comes into play when it means to be a ‘true American’.

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Now politics may scare my fellow millennials because we’re so apathetic to the whole political process because of who got elected but I think KoTH is something that we need back in the media more than ever because it shows what kind of disconnect we may have with our mid-western counterparts because we cannot and should not generalize people just because a vocal minority, especially because it may led to some unforeseen consequences:

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Regardless, KoTH I believe was ahead of it’s time and should be brought back especially because the producers have still got that kind of talent cause of what they’ve made nowadays;

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and because I think people tend to generalize what the far right and what the far left kind of people are that the majority of people are just left in the middle to block it all out because they don’t want to be seen as that kind of person and because they’ve become so apathetic to it all.

Hence why with my meme, (text could be bigger), it’s expressing my desire for KoTH to be brought back because of the influence it may have towards the real-world consequences that have occurred.

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