Memes are definitely ART!

I still remember when memes just got popular on the internet, people were talking about how to pronounce the word. In some point people called it “ME-ME.”

Memes are art for sure, maybe it’s not like the formal art we usually see or expected, such as painting, photography, poems, etc. In my opinion, whenever something is created for telling people certain things or expressing feelings, it’s art.

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Memes are created for people to express themselves, to find the topic which relates to everyone. For example, I will show a meme to my friend and be like “OMG that’s so you.” Memes remind us of certain things which related to us or to our friends. It’s really good way to express ourselves and find topics to talk to others.

Recently I shared this to my boyfriend…

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This is my favorite meme so far because I am so related with the chicken’s face. I can imagine myself looking at my boyfriend like this when he mentions another girl 😂 Memes about relationship increases the amount of conversation partners have. Therefore, I think memes are definitely good for communication.

This is me when I go to CT101 in the morning…

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