Can Memes Be Art?

I won’t deny, my first instinct was to say memes weren’t art. I’ve seen too many uninspired memes, whether it was just clips of screaming people, an overused dead meme, or just memes that flat out weren’t funny.

I was also a bit cautious about memes being the subject for today’s class as there’s a lot of times that its just out of touch and is cringey but this wasn’t that bad.

But as I did my internet research I did start remembering how creative memes can be. Sure it might just be some meta gif, but it also can be layers upon layers on a meme that requires knowledge of internet culture or something along those lines. Isn’t needing an education in a certain field to even just properly grasp the meaning of a visual medium basically art?

So I guess it’s a bit of a mixed bag, memes can be art, but not all memes are art.

They’re not easy to make I know, but a big issue people have is that they try too hard so I just sat down and filtered the worst ideas I had out, thought of what I could do to make something that I can fit CT101 in and made like two mediocre memes.

I don’t actually make memes, but I do spend a lot of time looking at them. I spend most of my time on the internet regardless, whether it be researching, homework, or just killing time so I figured I wouldn’t produce absolute garbage, and at least it isn’t that.

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