Black History Month

While we’re still in the midst of black history month, I wanted to take this time to share some of my work. In my first blog post I mentioned that I’m really into illustration and animation. It’s been a passion of mine for many years since I was little. Back in January I put together a portrait of famous Avenger and king of Wakanda, Black Panther!

T’Challa has gotten so much recognition over the past three years since he made his debut within the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain America: Civil War (2016). It’s also been a year since his solo film, Black Panther (2018)was released so doing this piece to commemorate this occasion was an absolute pleasure. This one was definitely for the culture!

If you guys are interested in more of my work, then check out my art page ( Feel free to follow, leave a like or even a comment. I’m currently in the process of posting some of my work to Facebook and Tumblr! Once I get that squared away, then I will let you know. Thanks and here’s to a great black history month everyone. (Stay woke!)

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