Are Memes Art? UMMMM….Definitely!

We all know that art can’t be any and everything. What we all can agree upon is that are is expressive and most definitely not destructive while there is a thin line between what we value and consider as art and what is art. Memes are most definitely a type of art form because it allows everyone a chance to let their creative juices flow.

Memes are created in several ways, as we learned in class, there are meme generators that spit out a meme in an input/output sort of way after we add the content we desire. There is also the photoshop method where we grab practically anything from the internet and insert words, phrases, sentences to our heart’s content.

There are many different ways to approach meme making, the best thing, in my opinion, is to find a topic, image, or person that you can relate to or find funny. Chances are if the piece you are working from entertains or evokes some reaction out of you then the same effect could happen with others. Most of the time when we search online, or when we are on social media such as Facebook, we scroll through and have a good time laughing at memes of all sort. Like a painting or song, we feel something we look at memes. What we feel towards them, how they’re made, and shared to all makes it an art form, one we can all enjoy.

Memes can be hilarious, or they can reflect serious, social, political, and relatable content.

Here is meme I can relate with so much lol

Memes can also be really deep but also stupid at the same time.

The point is memes can be created from anything. They usual become relevant the more people share and react to them. Even after the focus has passed from some of them, doesn’t mean they are any less entertaining, even after some time if funny enough, you’ll surely laugh. Next, I want to share with you the meme that is currently my favorite, and a variation of it that is more on the political side, a bit negative, but still relevant.  Both stemmed from a funny scene in a popular radio show on Youtube know as the breakfast club.

When we learned how to make Gifs, this incident was still fresh in mind so I even used the opportunity to make my gif out of it.

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