“To meme, or not to meme”

Art evokes emotion, thought and usually leads to more unexplored theories on art. I think memes are mostly good for the future of art because they are part of the art landscape. I think memes do amplify communication because they are so readily available, fun to use and relatable like the one below that was shared on the Instagram page @buzzfeedUK.


People do express themselves through memes and I think they do well because more than one person can relate to the meme in different situations. Self-expression finds many forms in written or fine art and memes are used because people can create them themselves, easily. Creativity is not limited to people in the fine arts and I think some meme creators use their creativity/talent just as much.

For example, a respected artist can have an installation at a gallery and reach the same amount of people as a well-known meme page on Instagram. There might not be a distinct overlay in their audiences, but access to technology has allowed to Instagram meme page owners to quit their 9-5 jobs.



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