Are memes art?

Yes, I think memes are art because based on the definition it says that arts are created by human beings by using their own skill. Even though words and sentence have issues of grammar and spellings.

In my opinion, sometimes memes are arts if you created the picture without copy from the internet as long as you draw the pictures or took the pictures from outside then I think it is memes. Otherwise, I don’t think to copy the images from the internet and use it is as memes.

Yeah, I will happily like to share my feelings through memes because of it easy and short to express my feeling rather than write a paragraph or explain it. Moreover, I really love to take a picture and draw by myself to create my own memes. Since now I don’t have photoshop I could not do anything right now but, in future, I will definitely create my own memes to express my feeling towards anything that I am passionate to do in my life.

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