What makes me happy? Good question.

What makes me happy?

That’s a good question. Various things make me happy, it depends on what I’m currently into at the moment. I’m very ambitious when it comes to my hobbies. I want to learn everything!

Let’s start with that one time I wanted to learn how to knit, that made me happy for a good six months. I tried my best to knit and watch all the youtube videos. I wanted to knit everyone scarves for Christmas, but let’s just say after buying all the yarn and all the equipment, I’ve accomplished one scarf and I quit. I couldn’t understand how to do the different techniques.

The next thing that made me happy for 3 months, was sewing! I am a frustrated creative person! My next target was to learn how to sew, and of course I thought that it would be easy?!?! Why? I’m not really sure. So I bought myself fabrics, and a sewing machine and I thought I was on my way. I was so excited to start creating things, so I made a shirt which was unacceptable to use in public, the sleeves weren’t even, the neck hole was crooked, but hey it was a shirt! The next few things I’ve made was curtains, and pillow cases because what was I think? Did I think I had Coco Chanel talent?!


Things that are currently making me happy now.

Let’s start with a list:

  • Youtube (Makeup Tutorials, Vlogs, Travel Vlogs, Food Vlogs)
  • Makeup (Buying makeup, talking about makeup, putting on makeup)
  • Photography (Curated photos of myself for Instagram, makeup, and anything really)
  • Blogging
  • Cooking
  • Learning Graphic Designing

This is my current project that’s making me happy.  It took me a while to figure out but I think I’m pretty contented with the outcome of this. It need a little bit more work and detail but this is what is making me happy right now. A logo I designed for myself.

Okay that’s all for now folks!

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