Many people have different opinions about meme’s. Some people think they’re art, and others think they’re just a waste of time. Even the pronunciation people disagree with. Is it meems, or mehmehs. Which of course we all know that its pronounced as meems. In class we’ve made some meme’s, and here are the outcomes. I decided to write meme’s that relate to me, and can relate to others. I love looking at meme’s but also hate it just because they take up a lot of my time just scrolling through my feed laughing and relating like there’s not tomorrow. I mean if only I can get rich with making meme’s like this guy FuckJerry on instagram who’s turned his meme page into a  marketing company. That’s pretty smart right?

This is an actually representation of me when Sephora has their yearly sale.

Also a representation of me when FAFSA hits, shh don’t tell fafsa I should be spending this money wisely…

This is my submission for MEMES about CT101! Because that’s my reaction right now. We get to make memes? Is this a trick?


Since I’m currently into makeup right now.. here are a few memes I’m enjoying.


and I’ve been late to all my classes so I guess there are pretty funny! HAHA! I hate waking up early! Sorry!

That’s all for now! Till’ the next post!


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