First day of the class

When I first heard that college is offering CT classes I was so excited about taking the class even though it does require to my major. I am taking this class because I love anything related to technology and anything to do with technology. Moreover, I always love to learn new things that make me happy. I started loving technology from high school because I took a web design class when I was in high school. Before I took that class I don’t know anything about technology and also I am not interested in technology. After I took that class I learned How to use photoshop, Indesign, flash, dreamwave so, basically I learned how to make a website.

Now I am taking this class to learn more new things that I never learned before at all. So far I know how to make Gif which I had no idea how to make before this is something new thing I learned so far. But I am still excited to go farther to learn new skills and amazing things that I can use in my life in the future. By the way, whenever I took this class I never get bored and never give up on anything because this is something makes me happy and keeps me happy that why I always love to work on this assignment without any problem.

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