My Reaction to CT 101

When my academic advisor first told me about the digital literacy course, I had very mixed feelings. All I could think about was that the course was going to rely heavily on writing essays that had to be creative and imaginative. In my opinion, I’m not the best writer, so I knew I would struggle in this course.

When Professor Ryan was going over the syllabus and highlighting some of the topics we were gonna cover in class, all I could think about was the type of writing assignments we were going to do. Then when Professor Ryan said there was going to be a lot of writing in this course, I felt like lying down on the ground like Jimmy Fallon. I was exhausted just by the thought of all the writing we were going to do.

I didn’t have any intentions of leaving the class because of how welcoming Professor Ryan was. The second day of class caught me off guard because instead of going over an essay prompt, our assignment was to make a gif. It caught me off guard because making a gif is a fun assignment. It was as an assignment that made me interested to make a lot more gifs other than the ones on this post.

Although there will be some hardcore written assignments, I really enjoy creating these blog posts because I get to write about my feelings, but also express my creativity through gifs and memes. My potentials in this class, is to hopefully become an expert on creating my own gifs, but also become a creative writer and develop an online identity so I could network with other people.

I look forward to all the fun class assignments that we will have, and I look forward to the next class.



  1. Excellent!
    Well expressed and I also love the GIFS!
    As far as a ton of writing, Hmm, Im not so sure about that, there will be written descriptions, however, many, many NEW ways to express communication in a various formats will be shared! Like GIFS and digital art, remixed images and making videos, stay tuned!

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