What Makes Me Happy on the Internet

There are a lot of fun things to talk about when it comes to the internet. Recently, I found one very interest novel on the internet. It was very interest for me at least. I am quite sure it is not a novel, but a collection of short stories. What makes me happy is the uniqueness of these short stories.  I was fascinated by the scenes or ideas beyond the stage. It was very well written and with thoughtful concepts. For instance, there was a story about a self-aware person. By self-aware, I mean there is a man in the story who can see how many times he has left in his eyes. It is like a countdown from the time he has. The decisions he made will affect the time he has left. At first, the man figured out that the time will quickly be reduced if he is close to the where accident happened. In the other hand, when he moved away from the place where accident happened the time goes back to normal. Thanks to his ability, he is able to avoid danger. However, knowing how much you have left is not a good thing. I remember one of the scenes from the story when he took a test, whenever he picks the right decision, the time reduces. As the result, he picked the answers that reduce less time, and he got 65 on that test. It was so ironic that good grades contributed to an early death. The part shocked me was toward the end of the story. The man becomes a pharmaceutical scientist. He was well known because he can tell the drug is right when he pretends to inject the drug to himself, If the times reduces, it means it is harmful to the human body. Some people may ask what about creating a drug to increase the time he has? Well, I am sorry, there is no such case like an increase in his career. The only key to keep him in this position is not to make mistakes. A few years later, he accidentally broke a tube that contained one of the drugs he does not know,    He was so obsessed, and keep doing experiments on that specific drug. lastly, he found a drug that can increase the time he has to infinity. He was so excited and injected the drug to himself. All of sudden, he felt some desire from his body. After a few hours, the news reported the spread of the zombie virus in his city. Boom, it was very interest for me at least, and I like it a lot.


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