Hats is the love of my life. I have 122 hats and counting. Buying hats frequently used to be a problem, my parents always questioned how I got the money and where all these hats came from.

17 Beanies Hats (including 3 supreme, 2 thrasher and more)

1 Bucket Hat (Supreme Bucket Hat)

34 Baseball Fitted (Brims) Hats (including 4 LA Hat, 4 White Sox, etc)

25 Snap-Backs (including 5 Supreme Snap back OKC, 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Champions, and more)

2 Fedora Hat (including 1 grey and 1 black)

43 Cap Hat (including 4 Polo Cap Hat, 4 Nike Cap Hat and more)

Image result for snapbacks that nwa use to wear

             The reason I am showing this picture because I like snap backs like these, because they are bendable in the front of the hat. I have snap backs hats but I really don’t like them. I still haven’t came to the conclusion why I hate snap backs. Some of the snap backs you could bend, some snap backs come bendable and other snap backs can’t bend because it will mess up the hat.

In this picture is the most famous rap group of all time which is (NWA) “Ni**a with Attitude”. The members is the late Eazy E one of my favorite rappers of all time, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Mc Ren, DJ Yella and other mentions that’s not in this picture such as Abrian Prince, The D.O.C . N.W.A is not only know for their music, documentary also known for what they did for the hat culture. In 1991 the lead singer from Guns & Roses Axl Rose wore N.W.A snap back hat for their premiere song “You could be mine”. NWA are famously known for wearing the bendable snap backs such as Los Angles Kings, Los Angeles Raiders now known as Oakland Raiders , their own N.W.A merch snap back, Chicago White Sox Fitted and Los Angeles Dodgers Fitted hats.

     My mother told me that I have a passion for wearing hats just like how my grandfather had a passion wearing his fedora hats. She is also a die hard New York fan so she wasn’t letting the first hat that I buy be another team other than the New York team. The first hat that I brought was a Yankees Baseball Fitted hat when I was 12 years old.

      This video that you see above is called “Hat Head”. It is to show the audience that hats that I wear in this video  makes me happy.  I wanted to only use facial expressions and no words.

In middle school and high school, they allowed us to keep our hat on. I think that’s when I realized I didn’t have to do my hair all the time, well for school.  They finally had a rule that I agreed with so I had to take this great opportunity wearing hats. It was when I was twelve years old when I was started to wear hats but when I was thirteen years old is when I started to collect hats. 







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