Happiness and the Internet!!!

Okayyyyy…. so lets get started.

But before I start, let me show you how I feel about this class..

excited adam levine GIF by NBC'S The Voice

happy the office GIF

Anyways, let start.

What makes me happy on the internet is the diversity. You can find anything on the internet like finding the best place to eat or how to assemble a bike. you can also see the world from a different perspective.  The amount of information you can get on the internet is remarkable. You probably can become a scholar just by using the internet. If you have any question on your mind, you don’t need to ask someone. just search it up.

Mostly,  I use the internet mostly for assignments, watch yes theory on youtube and binge watch on Netflix. You guys should check them out.   https://www.youtube.com/user/PracProcrastination 

Now , lets talk about GIFS who happen to be my best friends. They have been there for me through thick and thin. I find that its the best way to express my emotions or even make someone laugh.

For example,

Animated GIF


Animated GIF

Side Note: I watched the second GIF like a bunch of times and its still hilarious.


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