MY HAPPINESS♥︎-Assignment #1



Traveling gives me a sense of fulfillment, I don’t feel limited or bored at any point. It gives me the opportunity to continue learning and meeting new people which is amazing! My mission this year is booking a ticket to London and Thailand, TRAVEL IS LIFE!


Elephants are one of my favorite animals! As a child, every year whenever I visit the circus I would express such excitement whenever I saw the elephants coming out or doing their showcase. Still until this day, years later they bring me happiness! They’re very unique loving animals with such personality. When I visit Thailand I hope to spend a great amount of time with them.. I was also told their good luck!


Since the age of 5, I’ve been rollerblading.. it always allowed me to feel free, happy and expressive especially if I have my music to keep me pumped! I would go skating with friends every Friday after school, skating for hours without getting tired! Until this day, I could still skate for hours and it will always continue to bring me pure happiness.








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