NBA or reality Tv ?

A thing that I enjoy right now that is on the internet is all the drama going on with the NBA and that occurs on and on ESPN. This time of year gets very interesting in the league because the trade deadline is right around the corner and this is a very entertaining time. the reason it is so entertaining is because there is a lot of he say she say stuff. A lot of players are being traded and most players are not happy where they are at. This year this trade deadline has more drama because it involves some of the biggest names in today’s game and that makes t way more interesting. Players like Anthony Davis and Blake Griffin who are in low market cities are not happy where they are playing and has requested a trade. Where players like Tobias Harris, Harrison Barnes, and Kristas Porzingas have already been traded from there well respected franchises. The Los Angles Lakers have made more than one trade offer that included more than six players in each offer which included all except for Lebron James. Its been very fun to and entertaining to watch most of the trades happen, most of which that players that are apart of the trade doesn’t know that they are apart of the trade. Even watching future restricted free agents yell and argue about their free agency this summer while they are in full season right now is very entertaining.  Players like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant who gets very aggravated and angry when asked about their free agency decisions for the upcoming summer. 

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