What’s making me happy? Young Justice is Back.

Comic books, and comic book related media have always been a big part of my life growing up. I grew up adoring the 1990s cartoons like Batman the animated series, teen titans, spider-man the animated series, justice league unlimited etc. Unfortunately, in the 2000s they’re wasn’t a show that had truly caught my attention like those shows did; well not until 2010 when Young justice hit the cartoon network with its fantastic art style, character writing and plot. It ran for two seasons and was cancelled after cartoon network wasn’t selling enough toys of the show, which broke my heart. But now in 2019, I am ecstatic that DC comics has revived the show on their personal streaming service. The show still has all the points that I loved, and I hope won’t go away again anytime soon. Please check it out on he Dc streaming service, or if you’re broke like myself, find your own way to watch it. i’m not encouraging it but I don’t control your life 🙂

On a side note: Kingdom Hearts 3 came out this week, a game i’ve been waiting 13 years for so i’m pretty happy about that too!

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