What Makes Me Happy >)


Well to answer bluntly Food, Anime, Youtube, recently Asian drama and Asian culture in general. Also when someone complements me, but isn’t that human nature. Oh wait sorry I’m going off topic. But yeah Asian culture, well mostly Chinese culture. Well it started from me trying to learn about my roots and well I fell in love with it. I fell addicted to watching Youtubers from South East Asia, from places like Singapore or Malaysia. Some examples of a few Youtubers that I like to watch are JinnyBoyTv, WongFuProductions and of course the OG Youtuber Nigahiga who makes some quality content as well as original content. I have a niche for cultural humor which is shown with the last gif. Watching anime is also a big hobby of mine a few of my favorite anime are Samurai Shamploo ,Naruto, or Shokugeki no Soma(Food Wars). 

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