What does it mean to be happy?

What makes me happy? Well for starters I hate being bored. I always gotta be doing something, and by that, I have to do something productive.  I loathe that I scroll through reddit like  mindless drone so I’m tying to kick back on that habit and focus on my career & social life more.

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I need to feel productive in my life in order to not feel depressed and sad. Yet in this social media age, it’s hard to do, which I feel like a lot of people around my age struggle with.

We may say that we’re ‘happy’ or that we’re being ‘social’ just by interacting with social media but fact is, everyone is basically parading their ‘best’ self and that can be harmful.

Comparing ourselves to people that continually travel the world, eating at BIG, GRAND places, with girls/boys that are unattainably attractive.

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In the social media age, it’s become OK to be vain and doing it for the ‘gram’ the external flexing of ‘I’m here, you’re not’ it’s completely taken over and the fact that people continually post the same kinds of things as for trends, trying to keep hold onto to trends while not portraying themselves in a realistic light, it’s gotta hurt some people right?

People are trying to portray that they are adventurous, ‘different’ and essentially try to create a following of people, that will fund their lifestyle and by portraying that they are ‘real’ via the live features in Instagram and Facebook, it just leads to false perception of what happiness should be and how it should be redefined.

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For myself, I think I wasn’t happy until I figured out what I wanted to do with my life.  I was bored, nearly dropping out of University at Buffalo after flunking it with a legal studies bachelors degree and realizing that I didn’t have a passion for it, wound up with the wrong people for me, and just smoking a shit ton of marijuana, I lost myself there and wanted to end it all.  My GPA was drastically low but I got into York as a last ditch effort & went into Comm Tech cause I was interested in making podcast.  It’s here where I discovered that I enjoyed being a creative using technology.

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I took User Experience Design my 1st semester here, and I want to get into that specific field for myself. I made it a goal for myself in order to get into the field and make it my career. I enjoy creating things that help out people and that people will find funny. For a long time I was ignoring my creative side due to my worries about student loans and how much $$$ I would make, but I guess now I don’t care cause I found something that I want to be good at. I’m happier now than I was a year ago.

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