Watching Cricket Match Makes Me Happy

I born in Bangladesh and cricket is one of the favorite sports in Bangladesh. Cricket is almost similar to American baseball game. I was very passionate about cricket since childhood and also played cricket more than ten years when I was in Bangladesh. There is only 1o-12 countries playing cricket internationally around the world, and Bangladesh is one of them. There was only about few countries were playing internationally when the one day international(ODI) started around 1970s. Bangladesh get qualified to play cricket internationally on 1998 and it was memorable day for all Bangladeshi people. So its been more than twenty years Bangladesh playing cricket internationally. I used to watch cricket live in the stadium, now I am very far from Bangladesh, so I watch cricket online now. I watch all kind of cricket matches, but I try not to miss any Bangladesh cricket match. Also I have a apps to see the live scores of any match anywhere in the world. Lot of people thinks cricket is a boring game because of the time, but I think if you know the cricket well it wouldn’t be boring anymore. Also there is short form of cricket its call 20-20 which is also exciting and thrilling to watch. Although Bangladesh is playing for years but Bangladesh never win World Cup yet, I hope Bangladesh will win the World Cup one day and that will be the happiest day in my life.

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