*Thinking about the class*

I am an Information Systems Management undergrad and about to graduate this summer.

But I had to take classes that would help me complete my credits. Choosing random classes was difficult and frustrating.

But then someone mentioned about CT 101 and I was like :

So I looked into CunyFirst and I wanted to take it right away because it is something that resonates with my  passion and something that spiked my interest.

First day of class not knowing what to expect, professor says he can not hear properly and everything has to be visual to him and I was like

I also told all my friends everything about him,

and then he delivered an hour long speech and I was full with inspiration








This is the 2nd week into the class and we are already making blogpost with gifs. I am a gif enthusiast so I am super excited to post this and for everyone to see Also to check out how other people use gif in their head! I can’t wait to see what else we are going to in future classes ^.^

Honorary mention: no textbooks.


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