GIFS = My Initial Thoughts About This Class

When I first came to class I was really nervous about what to expect. Mostly because I haven’t taken any computer science classes, and I’m a novice when it comes to photoshop.

It didn’t help at all that due to MTA and all it’s delays I literally had to run to class. There’s nothing I hate worse than being late to class (lies lol)

Another thing that made matters worse was since it was syllabus day, I did expect to get out of class early. To my surprise, we had a full session, just to learn about what’s to come this semester.

Not sure if it was a good idea, but I registered for both CT101 and FA253 (Graphic Design) on the same day, I guess since they both deal with computers, designing, telling stories, and photoshop, this might be a good thing. 

After scrolling through the posts from last semester, and seeing the work from other students in my class, I’m totally ready to get this semester rolling. I’m excited to see the stories I can tell, and to see how much I can learn in this class. Plus to be honest, after you get past all the technical stuff, this all seems so creative and fun!!!


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