Escaping Realities with Writing

What makes me happy? Reading a very well-written, relatable poem. I highly enjoy reading poems, and honestly it is a great way to relate to any situation. Whether you are feeling stress from work, or feeling down on yourself, reading poems related to your situation actually helps me feel better.

Poetry became very important to me. It helped me understand how language works more. Poetry helps me in a way to express a wide array of emotions, deep feelings, and aesthetics. Overall, it helps me in a way to appreciate everything around me. And for that, it inspired me to actually try my best in writing poems myself. I have written some poems myself, and honestly, I feel so much better in expressing everything through writing in a creative form. Though, I’m still an amateur at it, I feel happy when jotting down my thoughts and feelings.

I have no favorite poet, or poem, in particular, because I read numerous of different poems from a website I find. The website I use is mostly from There, you could find many different kinds of genre based on your mood and liking. There are many different topics, such as, poems about family, school, friends, love, and more.


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