Can’t sleep without it

Hi guys! This will be my first blog in this course. My name is Vivian Ho and I am in Psychology major.

The topic of this blog is about anything online which makes me happy, I think of my weird habit before I go to sleep, especially when I am hungry. I don’t know anyone of you is like me, whenever I am hungry, I tend to find some videos which introduces restaurants, people eating food, or people criticizing certain restaurants. 

Yup, I did question myself why I like to torture myself like that? Well I have no idea🤔 Even I watched all of the videos, it won’t make me to binge eating.  Seeing people eating makes me happy, and I love to see them enjoying the food. It feels like I am enjoying the food with them as well. Right after fulfilling my hunger mentally, it’s time to sleep.

Here are some videos I watch before I sleep, some of them are spoken in Cantonese.

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