Buying a car the smart way !

Last year I saved up enough to buy my first car, a Nissan. I bought it a couple months before summer arrived, during this time all my friends had also bought their car. Let me tell you, I drove this car everywhere, any weather etc. this car took me places even my parents wouldn’t imagine. However, recently due to fooling around at a car meetup ( this is where cars all models come to show off their modifications) my car got totaled. I was so devastated, I still am because the feeling of letting go of my first car was horrifying (sorry to be so dramatic) . Couple months have passed now and I am looking to finance a car. My father explained to me his horrible experience at the dealership and from there I decided that the dealers will not rip me off. I thoroughly started my research by typing the exact title in the search box, this is when I acquired some helpful tips. I knew what car I was looking for, so first I checked how much the car was worth. The website I went on was Kelley Blue Book, you are asked every question about the car such as make, year etc. to figure out how much mileage the car should have. With the mileage you are given the dealer price and private seller price. This website is used to let you know if the dealership or private seller is either highballing their price or if you are getting a great deal. Since I was financing, I went to my local credit union bank to see if I would be approved. I also want to mention, the reason it is better to get a loan from a bank then at the dealership is because the bank tends to give a lower interest the dealerships bank. After being approved, now it was looking around at dealerships. So far I’ve visited two dealerships, in those dealerships I saw the car I was looking for, even spoke to the dealers. I am visiting one more dealership before I actually make a choice, I’ll be back to tell my experience.

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