A Gif From Me to You

So coming into this class, I heard good things from people who’ve already taken it. It’s a fun class and you won’t get assignments crammed down your throat. So I came in a bit… smug. After all, I was gonna be on top of things for this class, I didn’t have anything to fear.

And after the first class and coming back again for the second week, we started learning about gifs and it looks like we’re planning on learning more interesting stuff, and I was like

It’s actually pretty cool considering I kinda learned Photoshop back in middle school in some club I was in but after that everything else I know is just random bits and pieces I’ve picked up from trawling through the internet. So I’m just pleasantly surprised on how things worked out, and here’s hoping the rest of the semester is just as fun. I’ll be doing my part with making sure that I’m on top of things too!

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