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I grew up reading comic books of Batman, Superman, Justice League, Tin Tin, Phantom and many more. They were all paperback copies. As study pressure was increasing, I grew farther apart from them. I got other hobbies, did other things, or simply slept whenever I got time for myself. But recently I got into reading comics online and it is making me happy. I have the apps in all the devices I use. These are not just about superheroes but they have many different genres to entertain everyone with diversified taste and liking. Out of many different websites, I am choosing to write about Tapas and Webtoon.

Tapas, previously known as Tapastic is a webtoon syndicate by a South Korean entrepreneur created in 2012. It has more than 5k artists posting their webcomics. What got me hooked to one of the webcomics called “Silent Horror” was Pinterest. I saw someone post about it and I remember I finished half of it that day. It shows different social and personal phenomenon in a horror perspective. I, being a horror fan, liked it very much.

Doll by K.S
Plumber by K.S

On the other hand, I got into Webtoon website itself because of my favorite Korean band BTS. Their music videos have intrigued their fans to come up with fictional theories as these videos seem to be connected to one another and following a story line. Finally BTS’s agency BigHit entertainment has collaborated with talented artist Lico and produced this series called “Save Me” by one of their song title.

Jin travels back in time again and again to save all his friends. Can he save them all?

Just in case, you want to give them a try. here is their song :


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  1. Wow awesome post, I also have the Webtoon app on my phone and the series I particularly like are Unordinary and Lookism. Both are supernatural in terms of genre but Lookism dwelves into real world problems like bullying and social image in this social world.

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