Diving Into Foreign Dramas

What’s making me happy on the internet? These days the thing that makes me most happy is the vast world of Asian Television shows. With subtitles of course! While there are an endless amount of dramas produced on the continent of Asia. The ones I am most interested in are those from South Korea, China, and Taiwan.

Even though most of the shows I watch are filmed, and air halfway around the world, thanks to online streaming sources and applications such as Netflix and Hulu fans like myself can easily watch foreign dramas to our heart’s content.

The Rise Of Phoenixes


These days I’m really into Chinese dramas, such as  Ashes of Love, The Rise Of Phoenixes and currently Love O2O. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been watching Korean dramas consistently since 2011, I guess I’m getting interested in seeing new actors and experiencing a new language. Over the last couple of months, Korean dramas have been on the sideline, mainly because there are not any recent ones that entered my radar. Nonetheless, there are always plenty of foreign dramas I can delve into at any giving time. Rather it’s in between classes, on the train, late nights just before bed, no matter what I always have at least on drama on my mind. Unlike American TV shows that may have several seasons and air for a period of time, then stop for mid-season breaks etc. foreign dramas, primarily Asian dramas are known for having a start and end date before the drama is even released. They also have a specific amount of episodes. In some cases, that information is not always set in stone, but for the most part, fans like myself know exactly what to expect and how much time we will spend watching dramas.


The drama I am watching right now is Love O2O. I’m interested in all types of dramas, but usually, I am most drawn to romantic comedies, fantasy, and at times thrillers. This particular show has all the elements I enjoy in a drama. This drama depicts a couple that falls in love in a popular online video game, then become a couple in real life as well. The photo on the left depicts the main leads of this drama in their video game world. The only thing I dislike about watching these dramas is how attached I become to them. The feeling one often experiences after watching is called, post-drama depression. Since I am approaching the end of this thirty episode drama, I can already tell, I’ll be suffering from PDD :'(

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