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I don’t know about you but this semester flew by! Maybe because I only go to school three days a week and we had a lot of days off within that time, BUT IT FLEW BY. Actually this entire year flew by, expect the month of January (that month was agonizingly long). Anyways, at the beginning of this class I was terrified. The internet in a daunting place and trying to create your own personal place in this big cyber space, to me, seemed impossible. But as time went along I grew the confidence needed.

With each week different than the last, I faced different struggles and accomplishments. About every week, I struggles with the assignments (photos not uploading, gifs not moving) but I pushed through. I was not afraid to ask questions when I needed help and also turned to the web for answers outside of class. I would also like to credit the teacher assistant Xavier for dealing with me and my never ending questions during lab hours on Tuesdays. And I am super proud of what I was able to accomplish in this class.

I started off this class with no idea on how to do anything and I left with my very own website. And because of the all that I was able to accomplish in the short amount of time, I believe I deserve an A. I was able to fully customize my website to my liking and explore things I had no idea I could do (adding read more, adding plug ins, adding a logo). And let me emphasize that I had no idea what I was doing in the very beginning.

The one thing I loved about this class was the freedom. I learned so much that I WILL use again later in life (heck, I am even teaching my middle schoolers some of the stuff I learned this semester). I also did not feel the pressure that I am used to with a college class. I loved that Professor Ryan treated us like adults and knew that we had outside lives. If we missed a class we had the tools to make up the work and it wasn’t like the walk of shame going back to class after missing a week (or two).

I do plan to maintain my website when class comes to an end. I plan to keep it as my blog and I am aiming to make posts every week. I dedicated my website to my love for Disney and since I have a passion for that I will have enough to talk about. I also feel that I still have so much to discover in customizing my website that that is enough to keep me going.

Overall, I loved this class and would highly recommend it to everyone.

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