Demetria Mcfarlane’s Final Post

Ive been feeling CRAZY this finals week. bags are setting in, i have a terrible cold, and I have to work overtime at work for Christmas. 5 classes never been so hard and stressful. God please be with me and help me pass all my classes. It’s been really hard this semester after dealing with several family issues then medical issues of my own I know I slacked a lot in some classes. Ive been feeling like dropping out of college lately but im doing everything in my power to get rid of those negative thoughts. I just pray I did enough to get me through the semester. Honestly I learned so much in your class Mr.Seslow to creating gifts, to creating our very own memes. Due to slacking a bit I am truthful with myself and believe I deserve a C but would be extremley grateful for a B-. Creating my website was my favorite section of this course. I have been writing on it a lot and even sharing it with my friends and family. This is something I want to do forever. So thank you for sparking this in my mind, to you I am eternally grateful *bows*


PS. heres the link to my site


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