Aww I’m Sad … Class Has Come To A END =

Wow I can’t believe today is the last day of the semester, and to me it is a bitter sweet moment, because ofcourse who doesn’t want school to be over, but this was a class that I enjoyed. Not only with you as a professor, but also class wise.

I’ve learned so many new things but the one i’m the most excited about, an will continue is working with my website.

Who would have thought I would have been making my own website.

I thought it was harder, but its really not, and a lot of the things you taught us actually doing it I was like wow I’m actually doing this.

I like working with computers, but I feel like things your not familiar with to me will always be challenging no ones perfect.

My most favorite project that we learned was the vaporwave because it was so free for us to express an make something on our own.

Overall I really enjoyed this class an feel as that I should get a B+ A in this class because I learned and tried out everything you taught us.

So thank you professor, an I hope you enjoyed me as much as I enjoyed having you as my professor.


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