My Final Blog Post!

This semester in CT 101 I have learned so much. My favorite lesson has to be the vaporwave assignment that we completed. I always enjoy working with photoshop because it is a program that I am familiar with. It was interesting to use a program that I already have knowledge of in such a different way. I have never really utilized the blending modes in Photoshop before so it was cool to mess around with those to see what kind of effects I could get. I will definitely use the blending mode in different creative projects. As for my personal website, I will be adding to it over our vacation. I am so surprised at how it has been coming together that I would love to continue to develop the site.

Creating a website can be very frustrating  I think the most difficult part is trying to learn all of the capabilities of the website. Fortunately, I found the Elementor plug-in it allows me to stylize my pages while also being able to see them. Here’s a quick example Website_Recording

My website will be a portfolio for all of my creative work. I want to have a space that I will use to enhance my creative skills.

Although I really love gif because they quickly express emotions they are the bane of my existence! for some strange reason, I am not able to upload them off of Gifphy but Professor Seslow recommends that I try out IMGplay hopefully, this app will make it easier for me to upload my gif without all of the headaches. Plus I can use it on my cell phone. How convenient!


Lastly, I believe that I learned so many valuable skills this semester and I truly believe that I was able to do an amazing job within CT101  thanks to the wonderful direction of Professor Seslow. I think the only way that I was able to earn an “A” this semester was because Professor was able to help me through it, guiding me through the creation of my website and learning the fundamentals of online content. So thank you Professor Seslow for all of your encouragement.



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