A New Website In The Works!

Hey guys, I’d like to a new few minutes out of your day and talk about my new website www.eyesofthecontributor.com.  It is my own platform on the web where I can share my own creative writing as opposed to my professional blog site where I do all my presentations, academic work, and much more.  Being the person I am today who went through a lot growing up, I would always find an escape through writing, reading, music, and even art (even though  I am not that crafty) but these outlets really gave me a voice to say what I wanted to say.  I have a great team of my English professors and even our very own Professor Seslow who has seen what I can contribute to the world.  Hence, why I came up with the name of the site. Get it?  Together, they all have became mentors, advisors, and even to some extent like a parent figure to me.  I really thank you all for helping me grow into what I am called to be which is to be a contributor of knowledge.  My site really takes you deep into what I write about.  The best source that inspires me to write is life and stories I hear.  On my site, you will find poems, short stories, lyrics (yes I write lyrics to songs, but I sadly can’t sing them, but sometimes I’ll rap), and thoughts that swirl through my mind as I make my journey in life.  Take a visit, because there’s much more to come pretty soon. Leave comments, feedback, critique, all are welcome!


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