Okay this was by far the most tedious task we’ve done in class but it was indeed fun af! I have some minor mistakes that I’ll probably fix later on but here’s , my vaporwave.  In this image I tried to capture who I am in a more artistic eye. The colors have been my favorite colors for my entire life. The sad face is for my ongoing battle with mental health. The explicit content is because I am a very vulgar person and if most parents knew the real me, I doubt they would have me anywhere near their kids (who cares though). I am the last of the 90’s baby generation because I was born in ’99. Most don’t consider me a 90’s baby but I could care less about anyone’s opinion once again. The palm trees represent my cultural background and every country I have ever visited which is 10+ are homes to palm trees. The skull looked cool to me and at a point in time I was really into the whole grunge/emo/hipster thing. That was also my favorite “phase”.

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