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The summer of 2013 I met an endearing spirit who quickly left his mark on my life.  His attitude on life is something I’d promise to adapt when he passed on the Halloween of 2015. During our very brief time together a bond was created that I simply cannot forget. To keep his memory living on, I created a name I use on social media platforms that can represent me and my brand. Li comes from the nickname my dear friend derived from my name, Kymberli. I altered the spelling from the original way he initially spelled it which is Lee. Changing the spelling was a MUST in my opinion because I felt it was inappropriate and disrespectful for others to use a name someone else gave me.

For a great portion of my life, I was mildly teased about having “chinky” eyes and resembling people from Asia. To my knowledge, I am 100% Black, but it’d be pretty cool to learn if I have ancestors from somewhere besides the West Indies. Japanese culture has always been an interest of mine, from their food to their fashion. Especially their fashion. With my last name being “Mills”, I gave it an alternate meaning to represent me as a person which is millions. As in I hope to one day acquire millions of dollars of course. Money and Japan collided to help me choose the “Yen” aspect which is the Japanese currency.

“Ess” comes from the original word I played on which is lioness because I am a female and rather than being a shark or snake in this cruel world, I plan to become a lion.

Lion’s Den

To continue the theme of lions, their den is their home. is my home and I hope this will become a home to you too. A place to read and become captured by words and stories. Images that you know you can only find here. Fashion inspo that’ll influence you to switch it up once in a while just for fun. Music you didn’t even think you’d like because it’s not apart of your “norm”. And a place where your questions will be answered, advice will be heard and somewhere where you can just be you!

Enter the void

The internet is a huge blackhole that is easy to get lost into. Get lost into creativity. Through death one experiences life. Enter the void with US. Too many things are emitting bad energy, promoting hate and influencing people in the wrong ways. With this blog, I promise to send out positive vibes with a positive mind.


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