My “UNIQUE” Vaporwave

So before Thanksgiving break we worked on vapor-wave. It was really fun creating Vapor-wave because its different. I was having difficulty at first picking images and how it actually. Seeing professor. Seslow demonstrating to us, then tit became more easier. How the Vapor- Wave actually works? So first, you have choose your images which have to be transparent.  For example, Grid, Sunset, Logo or statue.

Many of you may ask what is Vapor-wave?
  • First thing that comes to mind is probably it has to do something with science. the def for vapor-wave is a “musical genre and art movement that emerged in the early 2010s from indie dance genres such as seapunk, bounce house, witch house, or chillwave.”

This is what my vapor wave looks like. I chose a sun, a grid for perspective, a palm tree, beach chairs, ocean, sky (gloomy), and interestingly a UFO. I have no idea what is the UFO doing there and whats it doing to the bird. It might seem very mean that i put the bird there for the UFO to take it but hey you cant judge an artist. My vapor wave comes with deep meanings and I am proud of this, it’s UNIQUE.

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