Bevin Kacon Alpha a Movie Trivia Game

I’ve been working on this project with my students in Web Devleopment 2 this semester. And it’s time to see if it makes sense or is at all fun and note tons of obvious bugs! “Bevin Kacon” as I’m snarkily calling it, is a movie trivia game based on Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – just find the shortest path between two actors through their film and television roles. Try it out and let me know what you think. Below is an animation that shows the basics:

  1. Two random actors are picked
  2. Use credits for the actor on the left and find a path to the finish actor on your right.
  3. Select one of the start actor’s movie or tv credits. If the finish actor on the right appeared in the same credit you’re made a match!
  4. If no match, the movie or tv credit will show its main cast. Pick a new actor to try and connect that actor to your finish actor.
  5. New movie and tv credits are displayed, try again to match a credit to your finish actor!
  6. You have up to six unlimited movie or tv credits to make your match. Or you have to make your match within six degrees of separation.
  7. Track your path taken at anytime by selecting the “Degree Count” tab.
  8. Get hints by seeing three movie/tv credits of the finish actor at a time with the “Get a Hint” tab.



  • cast/credits nav trade innerText
  • finish show start Actor in the top box
  • degree count and hint count at the top
  • fix the sticky header
  • make sure the more button counts the length of the credits array
  • better set of cast members for tv show. Notice that Game of Thrones doesn’t return the Dothraki king as a main cast member. How to combine main cast members across seasons.
  • vote count multiplier for tv shows to rank them higher?
  • Jackie Cruz gave two tiles for orange is the new black and pushed two tiles to the degree count as well. Means it might be good to fix the data structure???
  • Disable the credits and get a hint links when game is over
  • Limit the number of guesses to six
  • Shortest path problem (this is the biggy and is going to take awhile
  • Fix really small width screens. Consider rebuilding CSS with bootstrap or just from scratch.
  • Check start and finish actors don’t match at startGame()