Share your Website’s URL & Comment!

Here we are 5 plus weeks into being the proud owners of a shiny new Website! We are customizing our pages, building menu navigation, tweaking colors and fonts, and blogging away into oblivion!

Its time to share your website’s URL here!

Simply leave a comment below with your website address and press the Post Comment button!

Be sure to include the-  http://  part.

Here is an example- 

Why are we doing this?

Well, to share our development and process of course! Maybe your classmates and peers missed your last few posts on because they are busy posting and working primarily on their own websites.

Let us share where we are at! This is mandatory!

After you post your websites URL, go and explore the websites of your classmates! Be sure to leave them a comment!

44 thoughts on “Share your Website’s URL & Comment!”

    1. Im a girl that loves makeup so I enjoyed your website that it also gives others makeup ideas. Idk if you yourself does makeup, but if you do you should post some of your looks =)

    1. Hi Angelica, I saw your website and it is unique in the way that you made the website totally yours. I like that you have posts that are things that is a part of you life and your emotions. It is very expressive and it really did put a smile on my face 😀

    1. Hey! Your website is great, I love the setup (the way you have the trailer for red dead at the very top is so cool) and all the gaming related content is awesome. Looking forward to more posts!

    1. hey, I love your website and the way you edit your work especially the one with Director Spike Lee and the glasses pretty cool.

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