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This will be a venting session

Within my CT 106 class, we were assigned to create a logo that represents my app that we are creating for our final assignment. This has been the most complicated thing I have been assigned to create this entire semester. I created two logos through sketch and I feel like they both aren’t communicating what I want people to know about my application

The very logo I created replace the “O” in oil with an afro. I feel like this communicates to the audience that our products are targeting a certain type of person but the logo isn’t clean enough in my opinion

The second logo I made is too vague and  but sounds nicer to me than Maggie Orchid’s Oils

I am lost anyone has recommendations what could be done to improve my logo it would be greatly appreciated


2 thoughts on “Logo Creation”

  1. I think you are on right track! Please know, logo design is tedious and time consuming project. It requires a lot of research and a development process of concepts. I think both of these ideas can be played with a bit more. Test the placement of the type in various ways as well as a few different type faces, sometimes brainstorming several ideas on one page (an art board in illustrator) can help see the process a bit better.

  2. Amazing work! I think that the first on is well on its way. I really like it! What you can do is highlight the ‘o’ shape in the afro so that it is seen (since the bang makes it looks like a moon) or make the outline of the afro an ‘O’ (which would make it look like an afro form the 80’s) bring it down a little bit so that it doesn’t distract the maggie too much. Hope you get through it!

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