My VaporWave Attempt :(

This was my first attempt at creating VaporWave.

To start off, I did not have Photoshop to create this. I used an app called Sketchbook on the Mac. Now this app was very tedious in ways that I almost gave up creating my work. I kept on opening new canvases because I didn’t fully understand how the app worked. So I youtubed “How to use sketchbook on the Mac? ”  and this video gave me the basics and what I needed to know.

Although the experience was tedious, it was really enjoyable when I got the hang of Sketchbook. I watched the third video on the assignment post and that was where I got the inspiration for it. I also added some features that I thought would look cool. Features like the laser beams coming out out the bust eyes. You can still see how I didn’t completely crop out the whole background of the lasers, when I went back to take it out I couldn’t get it to work.

The background, now that I realize, looks like cotton candy which is not what I was going for. I was going for neon colors but thats what came out to be. lol.

Overall, this process was really fun and I just like learning about things I didn’t know about.

Ok , Goodnight!

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