Since on OCT 31 was Halloween my sisters, cousins and I went trick or treating. I know I am a bit old for trick or treating but who cares. No body is too old for CANDIES AND CHOCOLATES. Before going out to trick or treating, we gave out candies to kids. It was a treat to watch kids dressed up.  At the end we ran out of candies, so we had to give them left over fruits. You should of seen their face, giving them those fruits weren’t treat alright, it was more of a trick for them. Then we went trick or treating ourselves. It was so much fun. Most weird and coincident thing is that on every Halloween, my youngest sister (6 years old), she always i mean ALWAYS fall on her knees (face-ward) on the concrete ground. That always happen literally before 2 mins of me warning her. So we def had fun, but my little sister didn’t. The bruises were in the same place. I guess next time i have to put a knee pad on her or dress her up as a baseball player.

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