Who Listens to Their Professor Anyway?

Last week Professor Seslow finally showed the class how to purchase a domain name and hosting site! The steps were surprisingly very simple I can’t believe that I was intimidated by something so easy. Maybe it was easy because I had my professor right by my side to guide me. I will let you all know how it goes when I decide to purchase my domain names on my own.

I decided that the best name for my website would be my first and last name venishahenry.com  I felt this would be the best choice for me because I have so many interests and things I would like to publish for all sorts of purposes the best thing to do would to simply make a site that will include all of my interest.

My First week of creating my website from scratch:

This whole this is very confusing I tried to create a nice looking website without downloading a theme but that looked like it was thrown together by a child

I then resorted to YouTube my preferred hub of knowledge. I began my journey by watching Tyler Moore’s YouTube video on how to create a word press website.

Then decided at one point that it would be better just to follow along with his video. Basically doing everything that he does so that I can see what my options are.

That is where I really F%&K up my friends.  Themes are complicated and that don’t all work the same on every computer. Themes aren’t for beginners. I am currently stuck trying to figure out how to categorize my blogs and how I can add photos to make my page vibrant. Here’s my current page. I plan on changing the theme back. I should have listened to my professor.


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  1. Oh boy!
    All good, I am happy that you are experimenting and exploring! This is all a part of the process!
    We will cover making feeds for blog posts, menus and pages in class this coming week!
    Congrats on your new website!

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