Creating My Domain Name And My Own Website!!!

This week in class I was so excited to hear that were going to create our own unique website!!! I am sure this is something new to all of us in the class, and to have our very own website, in which you can be yourself and publish the content you please to publish, seems like so much fun!!!

excited awesome GIF


Creating a domain name was somewhat stressful because we had to find a name that had not been used by anyone, at some point I lost hope that I was going to be able to find a name that was not taken already, considering I probably attempted a good 15 times.  However, I eventually found one that was available and I was so happy!!! All the steps I had to take in order to create the website I was taking very seriously because I wanted to do them properly so that I could have the best outcome possible. Overall I am very happy and excited to post content on my website!!


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