The Magic of Panoramic Photography

A few weeks ago in CT 101, we learned about Panoramic Photography.  Myself and others included pondered about this mysterious notion. Since, none of us could figure out Professor Seslow cleared up our confusion and showed us how we can shoot a panoramic photograph at the tip of fingertips.  You do not need some expensive cannon DSLR camera to do this experiment. “But what do I need then?” You can use that device you keep staring at all day?  Wait what, what are you talking about?  Yes, your very own smart phone can do the trick.  No expensive equipment is needed.  Now, my friends go out there and take some awesome panoramic photos and share it for the web to see!  I’ll be watching 😉  

Here is a panoramic photograph my classmates and I took.  I call it “Frenemies”

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