MIDTERMS???! Nah not for me this semester!

So almost everyone had their midterms from other classes. The feeling of overwhelm and nervousness. Which subject do you study first or which do you have to put the most effort into? I better not be late to class too! because some professors won’t let you take the test once a person leaves the classroom. Some may even give you a ZERO and no make ups or give you an essay test. But this semester is where it’s at for me! I have no midterms and CT101 is my only and last class until I graduate this semester. I only needed 3 credit course since I’m done with my major course already, so yea… gave this course a go because it seemed interesting. I’m happy because all my my other semesters was stressful being a full time student. These midterms gave me stress because it can really affect your grade and I wanted a good grade. Now I was just chilling. 

Feels good.


  1. Ah yes, Well deserved! Now you can focus on your new Website! Yay!
    Great narrative and GIF selection here 🙂

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