So, I found myself playing around in photoshop like 4 days ago and somehow I made this animated album cover/whatever it really is. I didn’t think it would come out as I imagined, but the end product actually kind of exceeded my expectations. If you asked me how I was able to make this, I honestly couldn’t even tell you how because it was just a series of clicking random buttons on the keyboard and pressing random icons in photoshop.

The goal is to get really good at using photoshop and create cool content that actually looks professional and further my brand.



In other news, I finally put out a mostly finished song! It’s a remix of Amel Larrieux’s song “Get Up”. It was fun to make and kind of just flowed out of me during a very interesting spur of inspiration. Give it a listen if you’re into cool sounds and remixes and follow me on Instagram for more cool stuff.

Dance Dancing GIF by Sara Andreasson - Find & Share on GIPHY

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