How to clean the caches/cookies/data on the college’s computers

The professor gave me this idea. So many people had their saved searches while we were trying to figure a good name for our website. Here is a simple tip to to clear it without closing it over and over again. In Google Chrome top right corner, click the three dots, history, and then clear browsing data. 

You can also do this before you leave the class so others won’t see what website you went on. 🙂

For home browsing I been using this software for over 10 years, called Ccleaner. You can make it clean certain things on different browser, such as you can uncheck or check the box for cleaning your history from Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Fox, Internet Explorer and many more if you have any others. It is also a helpful “start up” tool for you to use, where as you can disable certain programs during start up on your computer. You can also do this in “msconfig” but I find it easier on Ccleaner because it doesn’t list 1000 items. There are many other features too such as fixing the registry, disk analyzer, and system restore. But these I do not use as you can do it manually from the computer from settings or from disk storage if you ever want to reformat a drive from there.

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