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Lately, female rappers have been making more of a name for themselves. The usual “who’s better” argument has been floating around artists such as Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Remy Ma and even Lil Kim. There are probably under 50 female rappers that have made it on top and yet they are still faced with a great amount of pressure that YOU HAVE TO BE THE BEST. Frankly, male rappers just have to make their songs and hope it’s okay enough for society. Men do not face the same hardships that women do in the music industry. There are so many of them and nobody HAS to be the best. They are allowed to be mediocre at best and that’s okay enough for them while women on the other hand have to go through multiple test in order to prove themselves. Why?


Aside from what pop culture finds interesting… a new female rapper is on the rise. Her name is Rico Nasty. In June 2017 she released her single “Poppin” which became a hit gathering 4 million views on Youtube and was even featured on the HBO show Insecure.


Nicki makes music for the Barbies or the pretty gang girls. Cardi makes music for the girls from the hood that want to make it out and be something one day. While there is nothing wrong with either, if you feel you don’t fit into either category, give Rico a try. She recently released a new album called “Nasty”.

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