My Website (cont.)

One aspect of this class I found incredibly exciting is that we would soon make our own website! I am an artist and I’ve wanted to make my own space for a while now to share my work. One problem I’ve struggled with for sometime is deciding on a name for myself. This blogpost is especially challenging because I just can’t decide on a name.

I plan to revisit this post once I’ve had a bit more time to properly think of a name.

November 20th, 2018 – Website Update!

Deciding my name was excruciating, my indecisive self took forever to pick.. but I choose the name Drowsy Demon for myself.

I spent A LOT of time understanding WordPress, (I have never used before his course) which was a rollercoster in itself.  Lots of trial and error in the process, I somehow managed to mess-up my entire website and broke the link! I was truly freaking out, but I ended up contacting Reclaim Hosting directly and submitting a ticket, they solved the issue immediately. Their customer support was excellent and so reassuring. What I thought was a disaster they reverted in a matter of minutes. Its reassuring knowing that they’re so helpful especially since this is something I am so unfamiliar with using. Once I got the issue resolved I spent most of the time trying to editing my page. It took some time to get the hang of.. which I can confidently say I feel I have the basics down. Luckily I have fiends who took the same course as me and I had their knowledge to refer to when I ran into specific questions! Also the youtube video posted by professor Ryan Seslow was helpful in going over the basics of WordPress.

I want to use this site alongside my art, and as a method to enhance the way I display my art… as I thought about how I wanted to do this, I decided I would use this site and an opportunity to document my process developing my original character Otto. Click here If you’re interested in learning more about him! I will be moving the information to my website and I begin making more posts about him alongside new art.


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