“You sound like her!” my classmate said, when she saw a picture of Sophia Vergara “La T0ti” in my screen…

 And yes I do. We are from the same place, Colombia. and from a similar city too. so our accent are actually really similar.

She represents what people from my culture are like, we are not crazy… we are just being ourselves!   Don’t be scared tho. we are actually fun to hang out and befriend with. I assure you that.

People can be biased sometimes and have these assumptions about latinos that might be true or might not so I invite you today to dig into it. If you see a “Latin@” and your curious ask them your questions! 

I personally just admire her for everything she has done and for how far she has gotten just by been herself and never changing any of what she truly is i hope I can be somewhat like her in the future. 

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